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Duck Fresh Discs

SEE: How do Fresh Discs protect your Family?

Just snap the barrel in and stamp a gel disc into the bowl. Every flush keeps your toilet continuously clean. Duck Fresh Discs prevents the build up of limescale giving you a clean you can be sure of. One shot helps protect your family.

  • Simply use the dispenser to stamp a gel disc onto the inside of your toilet bowl
  • The discreet gel disc sits just under the rim
  • The gel disc gradually dissolves with each flush, releasing a cleaning solution

Each disc lasts up to one week and leaves no residue behind.

Fresh discs from Duck prevent stain buildup. Spreading around your toilet and rim, they create a barrier against buildup. Your toilet bowl will remain cleaner for longer.

KNOW: One shot helps protect your family.

You don’t have to take on toilet cleaning alone. Duck Fresh Discs take care of the tough work for you by preventing the build-up of the limescale and dirt. Fresh Discs gives you a clean you can be sure of.

BREATHE: Long lasting Freshness.

Now you can clean and freshen the toilet with every flush. Just stamp a Duck Fresh Discs gel disc inside the toilet bowl. It cleans up to seven days as it dissolves. It’s a seal of protection made with the cleaning power of Duck, and combined with the fresh fragrances of Glade.

5 Fresh Fragrances. One Continuous Clean.

Duck Fresh Discs keep your toilet fresh and clean, leaving a refreshing scent in your washroom. It comes in Marine, Lime Zest, Lavender, Floral Oasis & Cool Mist fragrances, and gives you a clean you can be sure of.